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Title and Escrow Services

New to the real estate industry? We have the background and resources to make even your first closing go smoothly.

New Construction

Whether you are building your dream home or a seasoned contractor, we can show you how easy it can be to navigate the construction escrow process.


Necessary Party Exam

We provide a necessary parties exam for mortgage or lien foreclosure as well as demolitions, complete with copies of relative Schedule B Documents at a competitive price.

  • Tract Searches – Grantee(s) in the last deed of record together with any liens against the subject property;
  • Tax Searches – Status of General Real Estate Taxes;
  • Judgment Searches – Provides judgment information that may affect real estate owned
  • Title Commitments – Agreement to provide a title policy to the proposed insured(s) subject to any taxes, liens, judgments and other conditions affecting title and not otherwise disposed of;
  • Policies – Provides insurance subject to Schedule B exceptions and other conditions and restrictions;
  • Necessary Parties Exams – A title commitment that includes the requirements to insure a foreclosure or demolition case and includes copies of Schedule B documents for reference;
  • Closing/Escrow Services – Schedules and prepares files for closing;
  • Closings – Now known as “Consummation” Seller delivers a deed to the buyer in exchange for consideration and the buyer reviews and signs loan documents if applicable;
  • Document Recording – Documents are sent to the County Recorders’ Office to be placed of public record either by overnight delivery, hand carried or e-record;
  • Strict Joint or Sole Order Escrows – Allow us to hold funds for the benefit of other parties for example Earnest Money;
  • Construction Escrows – Owners’ or Lenders’ funds are disbursed as directly only upon the receipt of Sworn Statements and proper mechanic lien waiver documentation.

Why Choose Us

Our experienced closers average over 20 years in the title industry and are fully mobile. Customers have immediate access to a title officer with a background of over 40 years. Receive direct communication and personal attention to all of your pre and post-closing needs.